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Shipplier Overseas, one of the most recommended spices exporters in India, has a strong experience in the food industry, and we can export the best products for your import business. Being one of the renowned exporters of Indian Masala we have connections across the globe. Through us, you can export Indian spices across any continent. We believe that the customer is our King and our process is perfectly transparent and reliable. 

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Shipplier Overseas Is The Leading Spices Exporter From India.  We deal in Premium Spices .

Shipplier Overseas is the best spot assuming you need to import from India – Quality & Traditional Products.

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Natural Spices From The Land Of Spices

India Is Famous As Land Of Spices And We Are Registered Exporter Of Best Natural Quality Spices From India.

Shipplier Overseas Provides Best Quality Products As Per International Market Requirements
Quality Products With International Quality Packaging



Indian Turmeric Products

Turmeric, gold among the spices. Turmeric is a plant that mostly grows in the Indian Subcontinent and Central Asia. Turmeric is the spice that gives curry its yellow color. India is known as the largest exporter and supplier of turmeric products. Turmeric Fingers (polished and unpolished). Turmeric Powder and Oleoresins are exported all over the world. Turmeric is exported in processed form as dry turmeric, fresh turmeric, turmeric powder, and oleoresin. Alleppey finger turmeric is best known for its highest content of curcumin which has anti-carcinogenic properties. Its bright yellow color has been preferred by spices importers in Europe and other continents.

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