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About This Item

  • We sourced our ceylon cinnamon from small and marginal farmers collectives in India through sustainable and good agricultural practices.
  • Taste – Real ceylon cinnamon is sweeter at first then has a slight spicy touch while cassia is a hot spicy and pungent flavor.
  • Safe for regular use due to the presence of a naturally occurring blood thinning agent called coumarin’s content is less in ceylon cinnamon  than cassia cinnamon.
  • 100% natural, Non-GMO, No Chemicals, No Colors, No Added Flavors, No Preservatives. Packed in food-grade kraft paper pouches with a silver metalize layer inside to protect your products.
  • Ceylon cinnamon can be used to add flavor, seasoning culinary dishes, tea, coffee, soups, pastries, cakes, muffins, as a cinnamon roll, etc

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Product Meta
Brand  Roastavilla
Variety  Cinnamon
Form  Stick
Units  Customizable/ As Required
Diet Type  Vegetarian


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